Position: Deputy Program Director
Organization: BTNEP
Location: Thibodaux, LA

Background and General Requirements:

The Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program ((BTNEP) is a unique and complex program of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Louisiana’s Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON). Established by Congress in 1987 in Section 320 of the Clean Water Act,
BTNEP is one of 28 national estuary programs. Robust collaboration with and participation of other state and federal agencies, local governments, university scientists, educators, other stakeholders and the citizenry who live in the Barataria-Terrebonne estuarine complex is essential to BTNEP’s success.

To be effective, BTNEP personnel require a unique blend of talents and training. Each staff member is expected to serve as a central coordinator of efforts with their area of responsibility. As coordinators of these various program activities within the National Estuary, BTNEP personnel must have the following attributes:

  • be knowledgeable on a broad range of topics.
  • have in-depth knowledge of their specific area of job responsibility.
  • have an awareness of the activities and positions of other agencies and groups related to their assigned responsibilities with the BTNEP.
  • be effective at facilitating groups of scientists, educators, resource managers, and public representatives.
  • possess an ability to guide these groups to consensus-based decisions.
  • BTNEP personnel must have strong interpersonal skills and a high degree of awareness and knowledge related to the responsibilities and position assigned by the Program Director.


The position will be based at the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP) office on the campus of Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA.


Application should include a cover letter and resume. For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact Nicole Babin via email nicole@btnep.org.

Deputy Director Qualifications:

The incumbent of this position serves under the supervision of the Director. The Deputy Director will serve as an advisor to the Director and staff on fiscal, technical, and personnel matters. In the absence of the Director the Deputy Program Director will also have signatory authority on all contracts and invoices for the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP). The Deputy Director serves as an advisor to the Director and has a leadership role among the technical staff and administrative staff.

Work of this position requires establishing and maintaining working relationships with all the stakeholders and interest groups involved with BTNEP – local, state, and federal agencies, coastal agencies, scientists, institutions, and special interest groups connected to the estuary. The Deputy Director will assist in the monitoring of individual projects performed by the BTNEP staff; provide information to BTNEP staff regarding funding remaining for projects, and supporting staff grant and contract management.

The incumbent in this position will serve as the primary liaison between the EPA and LUMCON fiscal staff. The Deputy Director will gather project updates from the BTNEP Technical and Outreach staff and conduct the annual grant reviews with EPA, prepare the annual Section 320 Grant application, assist the Director with the coordination and development of the annual work plan among the BTNEP staff, develop, complete, and coordinate the data gathering exercise with federal and state agencies for the EPA, GPRA report and the NEPORT reports, and coordinate and complete the annual leveraging reports. The Deputy Director will also be the principal assistant to the Director for the in-depth program evaluations conducted by the EPA and will attend the spring meeting between the EPA and the nation’s National Estuary Programs.

This involves maintenance of the BTNEP Annual Workplan project database (project chart) and working with the Director, Senior Scientist and other staff to draft the BTNEP Annual Workplan and various reporting requirements of the EPA.

The responsibilities of the Deputy Director include the following:

  • Provide technical support to the Program Director, the Program Staff, and the BTNEP Management Conference.
  • Work closely with the Director staff to provide recommendations and oversight to the implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.
  • Assist the Program Director on personnel decisions, job interviews, and evaluations of employee performance.
  • Work in consultation with the Director on program fiscal matters including grants proposals and management.
  • Maintain the BTNEP annual work plan project chart and serve as liaison to LUMCON’s section.
  • Work with the Management Conference, Director, Senior Scientist, other program staff to draft BTNEP Annual Workplan and the Section 320 Grant Application.
  • Serve as primary compliance liaison with EPA on compliance and required reporting.
  • Prepare final drafts of all project contracts in consultation with BTNEP staff and project managers.
  • Assist Director and Senior Scientist in the support of appropriate project action plan teams.
    Action plan team coordination involves the following duties:
    • Coordinate the development of proposed BTNEP annual work plan projects and Technical Grant Applications relevant to assigned action plans.
    • Develop contract scopes of services and requests for proposals for technical and scientific studies relevant to assigned action plans.
    • Conduct review and selection of technical proposals.
    • Assist in the review, monitoring, and recommendations of project deliverables to the Action Plan Teams and Director.
  • Participate in the on-the-ground restoration efforts supported by the program. This includes field work, gathering of data, etc. when necessary and as directed.
  • Initiate development of other grant applications relevant to assigned action plans as needed.
  • Represent the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program at regional and national meetings and at public events as needed.
  • Prepare correspondence dealing with technical matters and EPA reporting for Director’s review and signature.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Program Director.

Minimum Qualifications:

A baccalaureate degree plus six years of professional level “grants administration” experience, including at least two years at the administrative level which included responsibility for such functions as planning, staffing, budgeting, and organization; master degree in business administration or public administration preferred.

Benefit package includes:

  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacation days
  • Paid sick leave
  • Retirement savings program
  • Health Insurance with options for dental and vision coverage