To become a member of the BTNEP Management Conference a new member must:

  1. Support the mission of BTNEP
  2. Have attended at least 3 of the last 4 meetings of the BTNEP-MC
  3. Represent one of the following:
    • federal, state, or local agencies or governmental or tribal entities with authority in the B-T
    • an industry or business group or association that affects or is affected by relevant issues in the B-T
    • educational institutions or academic organizations that are located in the B-T
    • community groups or environmental organizations with a stake in the B-T

Please note: Management Conference applicants representing multiple stakeholders or associations united under a common mission are preferable to those representing an individual interest. “Dual representation” should be avoided, and the Committee should consider stakeholder balance overall when looking at applicants.

Download the .docx application here.

Download the .pdf application here.