Get Involved Action Plan

SR-2 Civic Engagement


  • To give the public a continued mechanism for regular and methodical expression of issues,
    concerns, and possible solutions for the BTES
  • To engage the public in the decision making process and possible action items within the BTES
  • To provide a public forum for disseminating current information and receiving feedback about
    issues facing the BTES

SR-4 Public Engagement


  • To produce a communications package that provides informational and educational materials
    about the BTES and CCMP in formats that relate and correspond to identified target audiences
  • To develop and implement a well-coordinated, cohesive campaign for distributing informational
    and educational materials about BTES issues and CCMP actions in BTES businesses and public
    points of interest
  • To provide multiple forums for community engagement including website, social media, e-mail,
    and 1-800 number
  • To effectively and efficiently spread the word about BTNEP throughout the BTES by using the
    expertise of the BTNEP MC members and volunteers in the form of a Speakers Bureau