Matt oversees BTNEP’s Coastal Vegetative Restoration Program. Since 2008, Matt has presided over the vegetative restoration of an historic ridge in Fourchon recreated with dredged pipeline sediments called the Fourchon Maritime Forest Ridge and Marsh Restoration Project. To meet the vegetative needs for this and other vegetative projects within the estuary, Matt has overseen the construction of BTNEP’s Native Plant Production Facility located at Nicholls State University Farm. Seeds and plants collected from around coastal Louisiana are grown out at this facility for use at the Fourchon Maritime Ridge and the many other vegetative plantings conducted annually throughout the Barataria-Terrebonne estuary basins. The Coastal Vegetative Restoration Program utilizes the assistance of volunteers locally and from around the nation to implement these critical projects. Matt also serves on the Coastal Zone Management & Restoration Advisory Committee for Terrebonne Parish.

B.S., Geography