Job Title: Biologist (2 available)
Agencies: Department of the Interior National Park Service
Location: Gulf Breeze, FL and Ocean Springs, MS
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This position is open the first 100 applicants or until 04/10/2019 whichever comes first. All applications submitted by 11:59 (EST) on the closing day will receive consideration.


Incumbent will engage in the study, inventory, monitoring, restoration, and management of a broad range of natural resources including but not limited to, vegetation, wildlife, fisheries, exotic and pest species, sensitive species, and associated ecological components such as air, water, and soil. Develops and prepares major portions of the resources management plan primarily dealing with biotic resources. Prepares specific actions plans pertaining to the management and protection of natural resources. Represents the superintendent when working with others and develops and maintains liaisons and effective working relations with related groups and individuals, agencies and the public. Coordinates the park’s natural resources strategies and programs with those on adjacent lands, negotiates cooperative and interagency agreements and other cooperative instruments needed to effectively carry out resource stewardship goals. Develops request for proposals or statements of work and provides oversight for research projects. Serves as a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative. Develops and carries out statistically valid data collection protocols for the monitoring of plant and animal communities and the results of protection, mitigation, and restoration projects. Performs data collection using advanced technology such as electronic data collectors. Prepares environmental assessments for projects in compliance with the NEPA and may supervise seasonal, temporary, permanent, VIP and other personnel, but less than 25% of the time.