The primary responsibility of the Environmental and Conservation Program Manager is to facilitate opportunities for corps members to develop work skills, provide leadership experience, increase their community involvement, improve their knowledge of the environment and gain valuable teaching and public speaking skills. The Program Manager will oversee the education programs and training of participants and is responsible for communicating with project sponsors to ensure the successful delivery of the project’s desired outcomes. Additionally, the Program Manager will ensure environmental trainings are conducted and eligible participants have the certifications in areas such as invasive species removal, Hazwoper training, NMIS and more.

The Program Manager will support the mission of the CLIMB Conservation Corps by using his or her management, supervisory, technical and personal skills to develop the skills of young people, which will enable them to plan and pursue their own goals while also delivering environmental and conservation focused programs to schools and community members. S/he accomplishes this mission by further developing training programs, ensuring education programs are aligned with current educational standards, evaluating programs and collecting data to facilitate the generation of necessary reports. The Program Manager will be responsible for the execution and completion of all field projects. The Program Manager is also responsible for building relationships between the Corps and other private and public organizations to develop employment, training, and educational opportunities for participants.

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