Project Fact Sheets

BTNEP is at the forefront of research, outreach, and restoration.  Each year, action plan teams develop projects that help us better understand the ecological, social, and geologic processes that all play a role in the restoration of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary.  Here you'll find a selection of projects that BTNEP has completed as part of the implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
ANEP Gulf of Mexico Fact Sheet (March 2017) April 04, 2017 950.04 KB
Paddle Bayou Lafourche May 18, 2016 2.48 MB
Marine Debris Prevention and Removal Project for High School Students May 18, 2016 3.32 MB
Ridge project May 18, 2016 3.61 MB
Prothonotary Warbler Project May 18, 2016 1.63 MB
Piping Plover Survey May 18, 2016 1.33 MB
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Project NameYear CategoryFact Sheet
14BTNEP Spill Prevention Calendars2011Water Quality 
21Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration2011Birds 
3Birding Boardwalks2010Birds 
10A Schoolhouse View of the Estuary2010Education 
13"Down the Bayou" Film2010Education 
18Davis Pond Advisory Committee2010Water Quality 
15BTNEP Residents' Guide Series2009Education 
12Barataria-Terrebonne Rapid Assessment Project (BTRAP)2008Invasives 
16Wetlands Education Theater2008Birds 
1Rustic Pathways Partnership2007Outreach 
17Woody Species Plant Project2007Invasives 
20BTNEP Bird Calendars2006Birds 
19Nesting Shorebird Survey of Selected Species2005Birds 
11Fourchon Maritime Forest Ridge2001Birds 


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